Wine Country Mobile VetTech

Mobile Veterinary Technician


We Offer


  Post Surgical Care

​      Administer Medications & Subcutaneous Fluids
      Wound Flushes

      ​Insulin Injections
      Oral Medications

​  Drop-By Visits

     Feeding (any special dietary needs)

     Transportation To & From Veterinary Appointments
     Walking and Playtime


     Litter Box Cleanup

​  Overnight Pet/Housesitting in your home

​​Mobile veterinary care in Napa Valley,  Sonoma and American Canyon 

Licensed and insured

Expert and loving care offered for both HEALTHY & Not so HEALTHY cats and dogs.

Pet Sitting in Napa


Over 16 years experience

Referred by veterinarians & many longtime clients

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(415) 684-8783